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Olive oil soap handmade


Soap made the old-fashioned way – pure and natural.

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If you are after a natural soap with no chemical additives, then look no further than our natural, handmade olive oil soap.

Our soaps are handmade on our farm using traditional techniques. The soap we make has an olive oil base as we believe it is the most moisturising for the skin.

Why do we offer olive oil soap in our products store? 

Well, as a felt maker I constantly use soap in the wet felting process. I developed dermatitis on two of my fingers and nothing would get rid of it – even using steroidal creams!

So I started to make my own soaps using simple, soap recipes from yesteryear. 

What ingredients are used in our soaps?

Our soaps have olive oil as the main base.  We add a little organic coconut oil or sweet almond oil to our soaps (5%). This makes a nice lather and helps to harden the soap. Last, we add the pure essential oil blends. Using a blend helps the scents last longer.

All the ingredients are listed on the soap. If you are allergic to any of the essential oils then our pure unscented soap would be a good choice.

You can use our natural soaps for many purposes: cleansing hands and body, washing dishes, hand washing delicate clothing, and washing floors. 

We used half a bar of our soap (50g) to wash our lino floor in our shed after shearing 70 plus alpacas. It did such a good job, that we are not going to use anything else from now on. I just wish that I had taken a before and after photo. I promise to do this next time.

By the way, after suffering for  5 years my dermatitis is no more!  Since using my handmade soap it has gone completely and my hands rarely need moisturiser.


Olive oil handmade soap:

saponified extra virgin olive oil with 5% sweet almond or coconut oil

Olive oil and Lavender handmade soap:

saponified extra virgin olive oil, coconut or almond oil, and lavender essential oil

Olive Oil and Eucalyptus handmade soap:

saponified extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and eucalyptus essential oil

Olive Oil, Geranium, and Lemongrass soap:

saponified olive oil and sweet almond or coconut oil, geranium, rose geranium and lemongrass essential oils

Olive Oil, Mandarin, and Patchouli handmade soap:

saponified olive oil and sweet almond or coconut oil, mandarin, patchouli, bergamot, and frankincense essential oils

Olive Oil and Spicy Wood handmade soap:

saponified olive oil and sweet almond or coconut oil, cedarwood, ho wood, coriander, sweet orange, and rosewood essential oils




Handmade in NSW, Australia by an Aussie felt maker and farmer using Australian extra virgin olive oil and essential oils.



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Olive oil and Eucalyptus, Olive Oil and Lavender, Unscented, Geranium and Lemongrass, Mandarin and Patchouli, Spicy Wood


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