Solstice Collection

Welcome to the Solstice Collection of Bbohe felted slippers.

The times of the solstice are pivotal times in our year. Whether transforming from Spring to Summer or Autumn to Winter, it’s a time when you want to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and to keep your feet warm. There’s no doubt that when your feet are warm, your whole body feels warm.

So feel the warmth and wonder of the SOLSTICE with our newest collection of luxury felted slippers for ladies and men. There are felt slippers in gorgeous, natural greys and fawns as well as rich purples and deep blues. Not to forget our stunning silk nuno felted range featuring gorgeous paisley prints. So, shop the Solstice Collection of Bbohe felted slippers, now! You are sure to find a pair that you will love.

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