Boudoir Collection

Inspired by the Art Deco Era, The Boudoir Collection is pure luxury and sophistication.

The 1920s was a decade of change and renewal after the Great War. The Art Deco style was born with strong geometric shapes and ancient symbolic motifs, like the ginkgo biloba leaf. It was also a return to luxury and frivolity after difficult times.

The Boudoir Collection draws on the exuberance and boldness of the Flapper ladies. They were trendsetters and some of the first feminists.

Each slipper has been named with a popular girl’s name from the era. I pay homage to my beautiful grandmothers – Barbara and Shirley who were just teenagers a century ago.

I have used luxurious silk velvet and silk satins as embellishments on nearly all of the slippers. Tallulah is special because I have overlaid the emerald alpaca felt with metallic silver leather!

Are you in need of some vintage luxury? If so, come into THE BOUDOIR and browse our special collection of alpaca wool slippers for women.

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